Al Mukhtar Masjid

Mosque in Irbid


Al Mukhtar Masjid, situated in Irbid (City in Jordan), Jordan, is a Mosque. With an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars, it operates at GVH8+WMX, Irbid, Jordan. It is located approximately 3.53 kilometers from the Irbid bus terminal.

GVH8+WMX, Irbid, Jordan

Questions & Answers

Where is Al Mukhtar Masjid?

Al Mukhtar Masjid is located at: GVH8+WMX, Irbid, Jordan.

What are the coordinates of Al Mukhtar Masjid?

Coordinates: 32.5298531, 35.8667437

Al Mukhtar Masjid Reviews

Osama Alkhatib
2019-05-22 14:18:34 GMT

Very nice, quite and beautiful place to pray

Amjad alsmadi
2019-09-09 07:49:55 GMT

Calm am passionate
May Allah accepts all Muslims pray

Osama Almomani
2022-05-07 12:03:27 GMT

Excellent, clean and amazing architectural

Sam kh
2018-11-07 19:14:24 GMT

Clean new masjed ( mosque), in irbid, close to dominoes pizza

Wesam Shudifat
2023-04-24 10:11:24 GMT

Safe holy place

Suhaib Abuzaiton
2023-09-02 16:31:02 GMT

Amazing place

laith hseinat
2022-08-29 00:18:06 GMT

Clean , organized and perfect sheekh

Maen Mazin Shatnawi
2018-08-31 09:58:57 GMT

good, nice architecture, quite area

maher aldeyab
2023-07-24 12:07:48 GMT


Moayad Alshara
2021-08-05 12:11:27 GMT

Wonderful mosque

Rami Mohammed
2020-05-17 07:36:25 GMT

Amazing love ♥

Jawwad Araidah
2019-03-09 20:05:22 GMT


mohammed rababah
2019-05-29 07:36:42 GMT


Hamza Jdaitawi
2021-07-12 20:59:23 GMT

First choice

Mohammad Khair Odeh
2024-02-26 12:07:00 GMT

It's like all the mosques in the world are the best places.

Rashed Al-Qasayma
2020-01-11 18:23:34 GMT

يبث الراحه مسجد اكثر من رائع و اشكر من قام بهاذا النجاز العظيم

عطا أبوحمدة
2021-12-03 21:49:30 GMT

مسجد متميز واسع ونظيف وجميل يتوافر فيه خدمات كثيرة

كندا ثعلبي
2024-02-16 15:36:29 GMT

ممتاز جدا ..انصح بزيارته قريبا

Yaser Meqdad
2023-12-23 06:50:01 GMT

اللهم بارك مسجد واسع ومريح كل الخدمات متوفره

hisham shabani
2023-11-06 04:35:07 GMT

بناء مميز، وهنالك قاعة للمناسبات أسفل المسجد

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About Irbid

City in Jordan

Irbid, known in ancient times as Arabella or Arbela, is the capital and largest city of Irbid Governorate. It has the second-largest metropolitan population in Jordan after Amman, with a population of around 2,003,800. source

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