Al Nakheel Beach

Open today from 9 AM–8 PM

Park in Al Jubail


Al Nakheel Beach, situated in Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia, is a Park. With an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars derived from 14741 reviews, it operates at 4208 Rd 101, Al Jubail 35718, Saudi Arabia. It is located approximately 17.56 kilometers from the Al Jubail bus terminal.

4208 Rd 101, Al Jubail 35718, Saudi Arabia

4H9C+3V Al Jubail Saudi Arabia

Opening hours:

Monday9 AM to 8 PM
Tuesday9 AM to 8 PM
Wednesday9 AM to 8 PM
Thursday9 AM to 8 PM
Friday9 AM to 8 PM
Saturday10 AM to 8 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Al Nakheel Beach?

Al Nakheel Beach is located at: 4208 Rd 101, Al Jubail 35718, Saudi Arabia.

What are the coordinates of Al Nakheel Beach?

Coordinates: 27.1176508, 49.5722442

Is Al Nakheel Beach open today?

Al Nakheel Beach is open on Tuesday from 9 AM–8 PM.

Al Nakheel Beach Reviews

SID Zainab
2023-12-04 15:21:02 GMT

Al Nakheel Beach was an incredible experience. I spent nearly 3hours here and found it to be superior to any other beach in Dammam.

The beach was immaculate and well-maintained, providing a pleasant and clean environment. Additionally, there is a spacious garden area that offers ample space for leisure activities❤

I observed many families enjoying their time here, indulging in tea, coffee, and snacks. The weather was perfect - not too cold nor too hot, creating an ideal atmosphere. I highly recommend choosing this beach over any other, as it provides clean water for swimming🏊 .

Musharraf Yasin
2024-01-06 21:15:48 GMT

Amazing sea views with lush green beauty in the surrounding, wonderful and safe environment for families.
Outstanding place for BBQ and best for outing plan

kawish ali shah
2024-02-16 07:11:57 GMT

Al Nakheel beach is a stunning destination that mesmerizes visitors with its natural beauty. Moreover, this beach is not just aesthetically pleasing, but it is also undergoing rapid development. With every passing day, new facilities and amenities are being added to enhance the overall experience of tourists.

Watch it Life style
2024-01-26 18:37:30 GMT

Wonderful place to spent with family and friends. The beach is clean and neet

Atiq Mughal
2023-09-29 10:10:24 GMT

The beautiful place here at Al Nakeel beach sea site , mostly familys enjoying here , the best place for kidz also

Shaikh Saifuddin
2023-02-04 15:44:55 GMT

Al nakheel beach was awesome, spent almost 2 hours here, better than any beach in dammam, neat, clean, it has garden area to play, the garden is big one could spend a lot of quality time, I have seen a lot of family members here coming here having tea, coffee and snacks, weather was not too cold neither it was too hot a pleasant weather, I would suggest this place over any other beach, as it has clean water for swimming.

Grateful Christine
2023-05-02 06:55:23 GMT

The Beach is Clean, though limited huts, but you can really enjoy the Beach, because the shoreline is so long :) come early morning to savour its beauty with bit of sunshine 🌞⛱🤽🚣

Harry Krish
2022-08-14 21:19:54 GMT

Family friendly beach, greenery everywhere. Kids play areas. Shallow beach suitable for kids.

All basic amenities are around the beach. Comfortable seating where you can enjoy the waves and have a coffee while watching your kids playing.

Ample car parking is available around the beach. Well maintained landscape and kids play area is a plus.

Waheed Abdul
2024-01-16 12:49:48 GMT

Very cool and clean beach. The water level is low. The area is maintained very well with lush green areas for relaxing and playing.
One of the best beaches in the area.

2022-02-23 09:57:43 GMT

Definitely the best place to visit in Jubail of you love nature.

Beautiful palm trees with grand lawn !
Flowers are everywhere.
Unique reflexology walk available.
I enjoyed walking there with bare feet!
Wonderful picnic place!
Boats are everywhere!
Parking place is big enough.

Ryan Jay Inofinada
2023-02-28 06:45:53 GMT

Very relaxing. Very clean. Well maintained. Perfect for picnics, walking or jogging. Some do fishing also.

tushar bhagat
2021-12-04 13:45:37 GMT

One should visit at this beach for all excitement like swimming in sea, barbecue (at designated location at beach) play area for kids, and many more at one spot. You can spent whole day. Just carry mats, food water games etc.. Huge parking available.

Najib Anwer
2019-09-22 07:52:01 GMT

Clean, quite and safe beach. A place to visit with family and kids.

Apart from beach sports kids and enjoy slide and swings available near beach. Ample parking space and nearby washroom available for changing clothes.

Weekend visit with family and friends.. No barbeque allowed.

Mahvash Fatima
2017-12-18 05:05:59 GMT

Nice, breezy and awesome place to chill with our family. There is a lot of cleanliness here as there is a fine of 200 sar for littering. Plus they have also put lifeguard hut where two people are always there in case of any emergency on the beach. Good thing is they have installed open showers in front of the beach which is very helpful in cleaning our kids coming out of the water after swimming. Men also use those showers. The play area is also maintained very well.

Nighal Raja
2023-04-26 01:01:21 GMT

Beautiful beach 🏖 spend time with your family. Swimming 🏊 allowd here.

Milianor Jr. Fuertez
2022-07-15 03:54:20 GMT

We have a great time in Al Nakheel Beach.

Great place to relax. We do barbeque, we have tea.

July 15, 2022

Great moments with friends. Picnic. Swimming. Very clean sand

Ankit Bhosale
2021-05-18 08:32:36 GMT

Clean Beach with a positive vibe !!

I am glad that I took the right decision to explore this beautiful corniche during my weekend. This beach lies in the beautiful city of Jubail, somewhere 110 kms from Khobar in Saudi Arabia.

This place is awesome for a perfect weekend getaway!

Here you can find water sports activities + calm fishing spot and also a beautiful park along side for your leisure.
You can just pack your stuff and ride along to this beach with your family and friends.

Good place for photographers, ideally for the person who loves to click portraits, as they can get good backdrop for their pictures.

Please note - You won't find food stalls nearby, you need to pack your food while you arrive at this destination. Also, please beware, if you proceed to litter you waster in and around the beach, you will have to oay a fine of 200 SAR. I hope, you don't want to spend this amount uselessly.

Also, you may find different spots to roam around in the city, nearby attractions are - Najhd Park, Galleria Mall, Fanateer Beach, Huawaylat Island and other small parks in the close proximity.

Even the Jubail Airport is located within 15-20 mins distance.

Connectivity to this place from Dammam is for 1.5 hours including low traffic.
You may also opt for Horse Riding if you wish so.
I am sure, your kids gonna love this place as there are loads of park and other activities for kids and adolescents.

Overall, I can conclude this location for the people who loves to sense the serenity of the nature and believes in having a calm lifestyle.

nice B
2023-04-23 18:50:25 GMT

Very nice place.I really like it.Relaxing and the surrounding is clean.

Iobobnov Iobobnov
2023-08-10 21:40:14 GMT

Perfect place to unwind!
Cold breeze, perfect afternoon sun, spotless area, and most of all, safe and sound. 💙🩵💙🩵

Aftab Khan
2023-07-29 07:29:09 GMT

So peaceful, clean. Good place to pass your time.

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